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Bernie Visits Nigeria

Bernie Torrence, a member of the LaRed Business Network and of GTGIM, recently set off on a 3-day trip through Nigeria to interface with some of the ministries that GTGIM works closely with.  Because of God’s great mercy, Bernie was able to gift 50 Samsung Galaxy tablets to our Nigerian GTGIM team members, to help them in communicating and documenting all that is happening in Nigeria!  Pastor Louis (of Nigeria) was able to document the trip, sharing the experience below:

Bernie and the Lagos team could not find their feet, from Thursday, June 2nd, to Sunday, June 5th. The Spirit of “The Fighter” was in everyone.  All were determined that God would receive His glory (and not man) at Bernie’s visit, Amen.

Day 1: Thursday June 2

The ground forces were ready. Pastor Obi had left Benin early to await Bernie’s scheduled arrival in Lagos (4:45pm). He checked into the Baptist Guest House. At the dot of time given, the Lagos team was already positioned to welcome Bernie as his flight landed. But the flight was delayed. The team waited 2 extra hours with enthusiasm. The Lagos team consisted of Pastor Louis, Pastor Chukwudi, Evengelist Ejiogu (our able female chauffeur), Pastor Obi and the reporter. After all necessary international travel protocol was observed (airport standards), Bernie emerged. Everyone was locked in embrace. The joy of reunion was wonderful. Without losing a moment, the Lagos Team escorted their guest to his lodging at the Baptist Guest House. Surprisingly, Bernie was still rearing to go!  He was not tired, but rather, full of joy, as were the Lagos brethren. After photo shots, protocol was observed for Bernie to retire to rest in preparation for the following day ministry schedules.

Day 2: Friday June 3

Bernie was booked for 3 appointments on his first day of office:

  1. Minister’s Conference

  2. Visit The Beth Torrey Home for Children (

  3. Visit The So-Said Home (

The Minister’s meeting kicked off at 10:15am. The ministers poured in from different zones and locations. Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, Workers; all were represented. They numbered 56 in total. After the opening prayers and close of praise and worship sessions, the Lagos Team Coordinator, Pastor Louis, introduced the chair persons. The National Coordinator for GTGIM was given the honor to introduce our guest minister, Bernie Torrence. Pastor Louis spent time talking about the vision and passion of GTGIM, the great work going on at the Benin City Camp (IDP), Lagos, Port Harcourt, and elsewhere around Nigeria. He invited Bernie Torrence to take the floor. Bernie got everybody’s attention with his powerful opening, short prayers and the delivery of the message on RESTRAINT, which served as food for thought. Bernie brought it home! The meeting closed at 2:15 pm after closing prayers and light refreshments.

Bernie was ready for more! The Lagos Team traveled with him to his next visit to The Beth Torrey Home for Children. The team was received by the Chief Matron who ushered them to a reception hall to meet with the children as they filed. A mix of both male and female, 12 – 24 years old, most of the residents at Beth Torrey have the IQ equivalent of a 3-year-old. Now seated, Pastor Louis made the necessary introductions, opened prayers and everybody sang praise and worship led by children. The team was given the privilege to individually greet and bless the children. Bernie shared a powerful message with them on the miracles of healing and how they are special children to the Lord Jesus Christ. The children sung “JESUS LOVES ME THIS I KNOW” (song taught to them by Pastor Louis).  Bernie prayed over them, blessing them in his prayers, and offered each child a piece of candy. The institution was presented with a bag of detergent soap powder, fruit juice and others. Contrary to their regulations, the team was allowed group photographs with the children and staff before heading out on their next visit.

By 2: 37pm the team arrived at the So-Said Home, despite the difficulty of travel because of bad roads. The home received the team joyfully. Having

fulfilled the protocol, they ushered the team to meet the inmates, who were eagerly waiting to meet the visitors. After being introduced, Bernie encouraged the ladies with a powerful message. Bernie prayed his heart out for them. They were presented with drinks and a bag of detergent soap. They were also allowed to take group photographs with some inmates, which was unusual. The inmates presented Bernie with a beautifully woven basket of flowers. By 4:47pm  Bernie was on his way back to his lodging for some rest.

Day 3: Saturday June 4

The “Bernie Trail” was gaining momentum. His scheduled visits for Day 3 were:

  1. Maximum Security Prison

  2. Women’s Prison

  3. Medium Security Prison

  4. Widows Home

PRISONS: At 8:35am Pastor Obi, Louis and Bernie met with the rest of the Lagos team at Festac Town to pick up materials and Bibles for the prison visits. After joining in fellowship and prayers at the local residence of The Gideon’s, packs of New Testament Bibles were loaded into car trunks for the prison visits. The Gideon’s Official accompanied in the visit. The first stop was the Maximum Security Prison. After much protocol, the team was granted access. The inmates received the visit with much joy. Bernie ministered a message of hope to them, which they received with much excitement. Bibles were distributed before the team headed out for the Women’s Prison. Similarly, Bernie ministered to them. He prayed a special prayer for a 23-year-old who he said reminded him of an incident in his life when he was 23-years-old.The inmates welcomed the team by their cheers. Pastor Chukwudi prayed a powerful prayer for them to close and Bibles were given to the inmates. The team then moved finally to the Medium Security Prison. Because of shortness of time, the visit was brief, but still very effective. Bernie reached out to the inmates with a heart-warming message of hope. He reached out, touching, embracing and encouraging them. Bibles was also distributed to the inmates with strong prayers, benediction and vote of thanks to close. The team left the prison shores at 2: 59PM and pursued the Widows Home. 


WIDOWS: The widows group had long been seated, waiting for the Bernie and the Lagos Team to arrive. Although Bernie had not eaten anything by this point, he was unstoppable. He had so much to give, and he did it joyfully, to all of the team’s amazement. Great cheers welcomed Bernie from the widows as he entered the church hall. They had waited upwards of 2 hours for him to arrive. Bernie ministered words of comfort, love, hope and charity from the Holy Book. He poured his heart out to them, emphasizing on the promises of the Word of God as their Anchor. Food, rice and other perishables are not the ultimate, but rather, the Word of God and fellowship with Him, he advised. Two ladies gave testimonies of God’s blessings in their life. Pastor Obi and Pastor Louis spoke words of encouragement to them. Bernie’s gentle heart cracked when he prayed the closing prayer. He just let it flow; blessing them and petitioning the Father on their behalf. The widows let out an “AMEN!” that almost brought down the roof. Food items and crates of drinks were given to the women, and the meeting was brought to a close at 4: 55PM.

As you can see, God is moving through Nigeria in a mighty way.  He is using people like Bernie Torrence and the Lagos Team to accomplish His will for His people.  Thank you so much for being a part of this journey with us! GTG!

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