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From Susan’s Heart 03.16.18

From Susan’s Heart

GTGIM In Nigeria March 16, 2018

“He will cover you with HIS feathers, and under HIS refuge; HIS faithfulness will be your rampart. ” Psalm 91:4

Jim arrived in Lagos yesterday morning at 9:30 am our time about 2:30pm Lagos time. He said the flight was the best and most comfortable yet. Thank you, Lord and thank you all for praying for Jim. Kennedy, the baggage man, met him outside security and was able to get him through the chaos of the airport with such ease no doubt angels were paving the way. As usual Obi and Goodnews met Jim right outside the airport taking him straight to the Baptist center in Lagos where they all will be staying the night. Ruby runs the center and is always so filled with joy to see Jim and care for his needs there by now she knows his ways and favorite meals and delights in blessing Jim. I always send a little gratitude gift for her as I know she takes such genuine care in how to care for Jim and the rest of her guests.  I know she is a sister in Christ. Amazing how we can love someone we have never met. I am not sure how this can ever be without the spirit of God connecting and opening our hearts. Only God makes such love possible. I love Ruby.

The Lord has been preparing both Jim and I for this trip and the next in September for quite some time now. HE has teaching us the value and significance of relationships. Especially our relationship with HIM. Koinonia is that intimate pure fellowship and communion with God. Seeking HIM just for the sake of being with HIM. No agenda, just pure love.

I love how the Lord just brings things to us and reveals HIMSELF in so many different ways; books, experiences, conversations even manifestations of simple things like coins with significant symbols and value, just letting us know HE is there and hears our thoughts and 💕. Always teaching, always loving us, growing us even when HE is stretching us.

As we grow, we begin to realize that living for God in the kingdom here on earth can be such an amazing journey filled with great joy and delight. This trip is about relationships. Sowing, building, fellowshipping, praying together for God’s presence, purpose and perfect will.

Today begins the journey as God’s ambassador. I recently read that a true ambassador knows intimately the one who sends them. They communicate precisely what they are told to. They know HIS heart. They know exactly how the one they represent will respond, say and do. And if not, they wait until they hear from the one that sent them before they react or respond. They never give their own opinion. They seek only to represent the one who sends them as a reflection of HIM not themselves.

Please pray Jim will represent the Father well as HIS ambassador and oracle. Jim was to begin his day visiting Pastor Louis and spending the morning with him in prayer, worship and fellowship. There is to be a group of pastors and widows joining him after a while surrounding Pastor Louis and joining in the prayer and worship.

Afterwards there is to be a small reception and then after they leave they will go to visit the widows center and the Beth Tori Orphanage for special needs children 👶🏻.

Tomorrow Jim flies to Port Harcourt for a few days. There he plans to visit some churches and councils and finally several prisons where they have served in the past, and plan to go again in September. Obi and Goodnews will drive back to Benin City. If you would please pray again for traveling mercy and protection for them all. Remember Africa is 5 hours ahead of us in the time clock.

Thank you all for your genuine interest, your prayers, and your love and support. Hoping you get to visit our website for pictures and the new v blog and will enjoy seeing and hearing Jim give first hand testimony and accountability of his time there. Hoping to share the experience and joy of what God is doing through GTGIM in Nigeria. May you be richly blessed and may we all represent Our Father well.

Blessings and love to you all,


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