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It is GTGIM’s great honor to introduce our newest partnership with FCA at NKU

Greetings to our GTGIM family around the world,

In continuing to exercise the powerful mantle that God has placed over GTGIM to Encourage, Equip and Enable God’s Remnant, it is our privilege to introduce our newest partnership with FCA at NKU.

Meet Nate & Katelyn Sallee of Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Northern Kentucky University who have such an incredible heart to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. In our interview with Nate and Katelyn, you can’t help but sense their love for youth and their desire to make a positive impact in their lives. FCA has impacted millions of lives for over 65 years.

Nate & Katelyn Sallee & family

Nate – NKY Area Director

Katelyn – NKU Rep.

The most powerful sports figure in young lives, second only to parents, is the coach. That is why a coach is crucial. The right coach can shape a life and our communities for generations teaching life lessons like character, teamwork, sacrifice and dedication.

FCA at NKU Senior Appreciation Night

Nate and Katelyn understand the seasons of wandering and rebellion in young people’s lives and that is what fuels their passion to pursue them and offer them better options.

The very DNA of FCA Global and how they approach the Great Commission, is to engage, equip and empower. It is less about teaching and more about pouring their heart into the kids and providing fun experiences.

NKU FCA operates a spiritual "safe house" and a lighthouse, right across the street from the university, beckoning youth, both Christian and non-Christians, to come and grow. Culture has lied to them long enough. It is a safe place to hear about Jesus, to impart the word of God and His character and then as the youth grow in relationship with God, it serves as a ripple effect to go out and serve.

Our GTGIM family is grateful to come alongside Nate and Katelyn and the FCA at NKU team to engage, equip and empower coaches and athletes to know and grow in Christ and lead others to do the same.

For more information about FCA at NKU, we invite you to check out their website at


Jim and Susan & your GTGIM family


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