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Sept. 2016 Nigeria Trip – Day Ten & Eleven

Saturday was full of joy as Jim and the team headed to the village of Obanyator to join in their revival celebration!  Pastor John Bull, who is a pastor and plumber (he headed the building of the La Red Hygiene centers at the IDP Camp) and his new wife Ruth, provided a meal for the who village.  A Nigerian feast to celebrate our Lord and Savior!  The team spent 6 hours in Obanyator dancing, feasting, and singing praises to the Lord for all he has done.  He has increased the village from a once dying and almost empty, desolate place to a thriving community that is full of life!

On Sunday, Jim shared his teachings at Vasco and Faith’s church, and then at John Bull and Ruth’s church.  It was Faith’s birthday, so the GTGIM team got to be a part of their church celebration, honoring Faith.  It was a weekend full of joyful celebration for our team members across the globe.  Monday is the start of the journey back home, with an early morning drive back to the Baptist House in Lagos.  From there, the last step will be getting to the airport and returning to the USA.  Please pray for safe travels! GTG!

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