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Testimony of Israel Woji

Updated: Feb 9

Testimony of Israel Woji

Ibaa Community in Emohua LGA, Nigeria

My name is Israel Woji. After giving my life to Christ in October 2000, I committed to Kingdom stewardship by serving with the Deliverance and Healing Unit (DHU) team of church pastored by Laura NwaChuki and her husband.

I met a friend, Kelechi Oyeike, who also served on the same team and we both were believing God for a good job. Together we made a vow to God that if he blessed us financially as youths, we would be His witness. God answered my prayer, and I soon began working for an oil servicing company and went to work on oil rigs where the crews were involved with womanizing and drinking. It didn’t take long for me to forget the vow I made to God and their lifestyle became mine. Later, I would find myself involved in a problem in my community where people were being arrested for murder, rape, and other charges and as a result, I was wrongfully arrested, remanded to prison and awaiting trial.

I tried everything to get myself out to no avail. Then one Tuesday, Goodnews, a member of the cell, introduced me to Reconnecttolife Coaching and Mentoring who were training in the prisons on ethics, values and principles based on God’s Word. I was reminded of my vow I had made with God, repented, and asked for God’s mercy. He forgave me, restored hope, faith, and joy and every Tuesday I was mentored by the Reconnecttolife Team. God performed a miracle on my behalf. The community that had prosecuted me, upon investigation, found out I was not involved in any of the allegations and wrote a letter to the Director of Public Prosecution and asked that I be freed.

Left Image: The entire RCL Mentoring & Coaching Team (Israel is 2nd from right)

Right Image: Israel (pictured far right) taking ministry photos on behalf of GTGIM

From the moment I was out, Kelechi and I connected up again, he offered me a place to live until I was stable. He started telling his customers of my ability to fix diesel generators which led to me fixing the generator for Obi Wali Cultural Center. God provided the tools through another one called in for the job, but he didn’t know how to fix it. I used his tools, was paid very well, and shared the money earned with him.

Facing a crisis through my wrongful arrest resulted in an opportunity for a life change! It was through that crisis, I met Rev. Margaret and the Reconnecttolife team because of their outreach to prisons. I was married on January 6, 2018, and Rev. Margaret took care of the entertainment for the guests. Since then, I have been serving God and bearing witness to the young people in the remand home, the prisons, rehabilitation Centre and the anti-virus programs with the young people through Reconnecttolife Coaching and Mentoring Services. I also had the privilege of meeting Jim Corbett, founder of GTGIM, who provided financial support and encouragement when the need arose. I am grateful to God to those who guided me back on the right path.

Left Image: Welcoming Party – September 2022

Right Image: Israel’s entire family with Jim (Israel on far right)

We celebrate that we serve the God of the turn-around. What the enemy meant for harm, God can turn it around for our good because he is a Romans 8:28 God!

We celebrate with Israel, his family and the Reconnecttolife Mentoring and Coaching Team for being a part of loving Israel back to life. Won’t you celebrate with us? GTG!

In His service,

Your GTGIM family

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