About Glory To God International Ministries

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a bridge to help other ministries and organizations extend care to Widows, Orphans, Prisoners and Sojourners.

Our Work

We are currently engaged in a number of outreach projects in Nigeria, West Africa.

1. The Camp for the Needy is where orphaned children come to live and prosper. We minister to them after they have been rescued from persecution by terrorist groups that are indigenous to the northern borders of Nigeria. Please view the video for more details. With as many as 1,350 children in our camp, the opportunities to have a positive influence on these young lives is far reaching. The sense of gratification that comes from following God’s call to assist these little ones is overwhelming at times. You can follow the link to our next trip agenda and experience the trip with us in spirit and prayer by following our blog entries while we are on the ground in Nigeria.

2. We also provide support for prison ministries in Lagos, Benin City, and Port Harcourt. Working with these local ministries we support their training and mentoring efforts; battling recidivism everywhere we can by helping with career opportunities, assisting with interview techniques or providing a “clean look”. We cherish our opportunities to be tools in God’s toolbox.


3. We support the Widows Sewing Center in Jos, Nigeria. Glory to God International Ministries is ever-looking for ways to help local ministries extend love and care to Widows, Orphans, and Sojourners in their land.

We welcome your comments and questions. GTG=Glory To God. We give all the glory to Him who loves us so! May His grace fill your soul.


JBC – Founder

Our Team

The Glory To God International Ministries team works hard to fulfill our mission. See our full team of dedicated individuals below: