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Glory to God International Ministries exists to serve ministries whose passion is to serve Widows, Orphans, Prisoners and Sojourners with the love of Jesus Christ.

As wise stewards of the resources that the Lord provides, Glory to God International Ministries (GTGIM) has chosen to strategically focus their energy, both spiritually and financially, in serving other ministries who have a passion to serve Widows, Orphans, Prisoners and Sojourners.  By serving other ministries who are in alignment with the DNA of GTGIM, which is to identify and support trusted relationships in those key areas, it enables us to have a greater impact in the mission field.  It is for this purpose that we have fostered trusted relationships with key ministries serving Widows, Orphans, Prisoners and Sojourners, both locally and globally, supporting them in what God has anointed and called them to do. 

Glory to God International Ministries was founded as a Non-Profit on June 30, 2015, however, GTGIM has experienced many powerful mission trips to different parts of the globe prior to its non-profit status.  Since its inception, GTGIM has a powerful mantle to Encourage, Equip and Enable God’s Remnant.

Each year we have a teaching theme for Missions. This year God placed on Jim’s heart that all would come to know their one, true identity, “Christ in us – the Hope of Glory” and all would be encouraged to carry the message of hope to those in our sphere of influence as ‘Guardians of Hope.” 

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