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7 Vows Of Success Symposium


@ Kabe College, Festac, Lagos | 17th November, 2017

We had such a beautiful time in Lagos, Nigeria and were so excited to have Bernie Torrence visit Nigeria again.

From the look on the faces of the participants at the symposium, which was a very good mix of clergies, young graduates, professionals from various fields and some from outside Lagos, there was a high expectation in the atmosphere for a time of great impact. The hall was beautiful with good interior decoration and good roundtable settings.

The meeting started at exactly 10a.m with an opening prayer by Bishop Hope, a participant.

Mr. Obi then introduced Dr. Bernie Torrence

Bernie took a first session using the booklet, ‘Wisdom for Today Leaders’ to explain the importance of Values and Principles. It was great to see the participant connect at a deeper level where the book of Proverbs didn’t just seem like just another book in the bible but a powerful wisdom bank.

He then took us through the Seven (7) Vows of Success, and introduced us to each of the seven pillars of success and how Nestor Ochoa’s chrysalis happened. This helped the participants connect with the fact that transformation doesn’t just happen, and that we must come to that point of understanding that true success is built on certain key principles which must become values in our lives.

After a time of questions and answer, we went on a break to take light refreshments.

Afterwards, the Ethics First session began. Dr. Bernie introduced us to how the Ethics 1st programme for Nigeria started and has grown. Charles Eromosele then introduced the roundtable methodology and gave them a practical example of how a Roundtable works using the principle of listening. It was powerful to have several in the audience participate especially several situations where pastors, a school administrator were ‘brutally honest about particular situations in their lives and gave specific actions that really resonated with the whole message of possible transformation.  Pastor Louis’ feedback on how he failed a particular business opportunity two years ago because he didn’t listen to his wife and how listening to her now has tremendously added great value to a lot of things was truly an amazing moment.

We then had a certification session where participants were given certificates by Dr. Bernie. Mr. Ikechukwu Anughora gave a closing remark afterwards and we had a group snapshot.

There was an optional medical talk after the programme where a doctor talked about the distinctive features of the different blood groups and the right meals that should go with them. It was another powerful moment of learning.

From the brief interview with participants, it was truly obvious that participants were going out to become the agents of transformation that our nation desperately needs.

One very remarkable one was when the school principal’s specific action step would be to have an open door policy in the school for his staffs to be free to come speak to him (on views, suggestions especially with relations to further developments, pressing personal issues etc.) and he would listen. Something he never used to do before.

The symposium was truly impactful.


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