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Graceful Sisters Fellowship

This is a widows fellowship ran by Deaconess Bethel Amah in Benin City, Edo State.  The fellowship has been very instrumental to the assistance and unity of widows in Benin. They meet once a month. They take time to pray, study scriptures and encourage one another. They also have practical empowerment sessions.  2017 was really a good year, and God has been gracious to the fellowship.

On several occasion, Jim Corbett and a crew of other GTGIM members have graced some of their previous events.

This picture above is a snapshot of the widows with General Jim Corbett and Pastor David Stutzman during one of their visits to Benin City.

The is a picture of some of the ladies attending one of the meetings.

They recently had a gathering in December.  There was a prayer session and everyone spent time in prayer as God is the reason for the season, and it was time to seek his face and pray together as a fellowship.  They then proceeded with distribution of clothes to the community.  As a fellowship, the fulfillment was seeing the joy and commitment as people received the clothes shared.  Food was also distributed to the sisters of the fellowship.

There has been several testimonies from the widows. They have had the privilege to learn different skills to help empower them to earn a living and take care of their families.  This is a picture of one of the sisters, Ehis Young who is a widow with two children. She is also a tailor.

We truly give all the glory to God and thankful for what he is doing through everyone that is part of this reach out to the sisters of this fellowship by way of giving, prayers and love.

May God richly meet you at the point of your own needs for remaining a huge blessing to us.

CLICK  TO ENLARGE photos of the community event.

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