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Graceful Sisters Testimonies


The graceful sisters’ fellowship is a fellowship led by Deaconess Bethel Amah.

From there last event in December, we were able to interview few of the sisters and ask them about the impact the fellowship on their lives.

Here are some testimonies from some of the sisters at the fellowship.

  1. Sis Esther Iwuayanwu:

The Graceful Sisters Fellowship has really made huge Impact in my life. Through one of the skill acquisition programmes where we were taught on how to bake snacks like donuts,  I went back to put it to practice, and  today I have been able to start a business of making donuts and making money from it. We are also happy over the contributions of GTG to our lives and thankful for what was made possible to bless us and also is helping us reach out to the community around us.

  1. Charity Onurah:

I joined the Graceful Sisters Fellowship, three (3) months ago.

I have really benefited a lot from the things and activities of the fellowship. I have learned a lot of things from the skill acquisition training sessions.

I advise many women that there is a lot to learn. They shouldn’t just hide as widows or feel dejected but come and identify with us and also learn many things.

  1. Okoro Chinwe:

I joined the fellowship in August 2017 when I lost my husband in July the same year. Today, there are changes in my life because of the fellowship’s impact on me and my children in so many ways.

When I lost my husband, people were looking at me as someone that is finished because of his demise but with the help of Graceful sisters, I am what I am today. There was a time I was sick for about three weeks and unable to even move, they were the ones that stood by me, both physically through their cares and also in prayers, especially mummy Amah. Her support in my life and that of my children is truly overwhelming.

They even supported in paying my child’s school fees. When such predicament of losing a spouse happens, it always seem there is no hope but all you have to do is stretch out your hands because there is help out there that God will send. I advise others that when things like this happen, don’t just give in to it because there are people waiting to laugh and mock at you. Some people just think all hope is lost, and remain in tears, just like I went through. Courage is very important. My advise is that if you are a widow, you can also reach out to the Graceful Sisters. They are always here to help. Thank you.

  1. Ifonu Roselyn

The Gracious Sisters’ Fellowship brought us together and gave us a sense of belonging. They made us understand that the fact that we lost our husbands doesn’t mean that we have lost our lives. I advise other widows to join us and be lifted via the word of God and affect the world positively.

Our leader has really done a great job by leading us to give out clothes to the community.

All the glory belongs to God.

We hope to still bring more testimonies about how God through your donations is using the ministry gifts under Glory to God International Ministries to be a blessing and make huge impact on others.

Have a blessed week ahead.


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