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Guardians of Hope Tour

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

August 24 – September 7, 2022

Dear Friends of Glory to God International Ministries (GTGIM),

It is time!  Jim and the GTGIM team are about to embark on another journey to Nigeria for the “Guardians of Hope” Tour.  We invite you to come aboard for another EPIC journey inspired by the Spirit of God to bring the good news of the Kingdom to strategic locations in Nigeria.

Knowing the importance of prayer and the role it plays in every journey that we are privileged to embark on, we invite you to join us as we seek the Lord in preparing the way.  We have such a spirit of expectancy for what God desires to do in the hearts of all those precious souls we will encounter as we continue to nurture every relationship. Our prayer is that all will come to a deep knowledge of the mystery of the Kingdom – “Christ in us, the hope of Glory.”   May each of you be divinely guided by the Holy Spirit as you pray for this upcoming opportunity.

We have included the teaching points and itinerary for this tour so that you may follow along daily.


Date Day Description

8/22    Mon      Departure PCR #1

8/24    Wed     Travel to Nigeria

8/25    Thu      Arrive LOS, depart PHC, Swiss Hotel

8/26    Fri        PCR #2, PHC ministry

8/27    Sat       Osaa Outreach

8/28    Sun       PHC Churches (Ps Kingsley) Fellowship

8/29    Mon      PHC ministry (Anti-Virus Presentation)

8/30   Tue        PHC ministry

8/31    Wed      PHC ministry, PCR #3

9/1      Thu       JBC travel to BNI arrive prior to 2pm. Visit David’s fellowship

9/2      Fri        (AM)  Protea fellowship, (2pm) IDP, to KMGS & 5pm church service

9/3      Sat       BNI church, Ps Peter, JBC & guests to LOS, Baptist Sanctuary

9/4      Sun       LOS church, visit Ps. Louis, R/T @ Sanctuary

9/5      Mon      (10am) Beth Tory, to Pastor Louis Celebration, R/T @ Sanctuary

9/6      Tue       Guest team departure, R/T with LOS team, 4:30pm JBC to USA

9/7      Wed     Arrive USA

We extend our deepest gratitude to each of you, for you are such an important and valuable voice for the success of this journey.  To our God, be all honor, glory, and praise as we answer the call!


Your GTGIM Family


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