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Leader’s Edge Kentucky

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Anti-Virus Benefit Breakfast

Concerned citizens and community leaders from across Kentucky came together on March 12, to attend a benefit breakfast for the Anti-Virus Youth Character Education Program. Anti-Virus is led by Leader’s Edge Kentucky and sponsored by Focus On Success. Please take just a few minutes to read how Anti-Virus is changing the lives of young people and how you can partner with Leader’s Edge Kentucky to offer this program to every school in the Commonwealth at no cost.

The benefit began with prayer by Jim Corbett, Leader’s Edge Kentucky Chairman of the Board, followed by a viewing of the Anti-Virus report Julie O’Neill, Anchor/Reporter, aired on WCPO-TV, Channel 9 News, in 2018 (Read More). Anti-Virus is a character values and leadership development curriculum that equips students with tools to combat the “viruses” of society, which influence people to lie, cheat, bully, become addicted to harmful substances, and reject responsibility.

Julie did an amazing job of emceeing the breakfast. During her time at the podium, she pointed out how social media is bombarding our young people with these viruses, which have the potential to destroy them, their families, and ultimately our communities, states, and nation. The most shocking was hearing suicide is on the rise among school-age children.


At first, the results of these destructive viruses appeared insurmountable, but as those who are leading the Anti-Virus program in Kentucky shared real-life classroom experiences, hope for the future of our young people seemed possible. Tears filled the eyes of everyone in the room as they heard about a young girl who had made the decision to stop cutting herself based on what she learned in the program, and a young man who realized his value and expressed hope for his future although he was currently experiencing abuse at the hand of his father. Anti-Virus is changing lives and hope is rising out of the ashes of devastation.

‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’—Jeremiah 29:11

Currently, the Anti-Virus curriculum is being taught in approximately twelve middle schools throughout Kentucky. The goal of Leader’s Edge Kentucky is to not only continue to offer this program at no cost to the current schools, but for it to grow, so these life changing principles can be taught to every young person in our Commonwealth. Please prayerfully consider joining with Focus On Success in building a stronger Kentucky by donating to Leader’s Edge Kentucky. Clicking on link below will take you to their donation page. Just think! Your investment into our youth will be instrumental in developing the character of the next generation of leaders in Kentucky.


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