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Nigeria 2016 Trip – Day One

Today marks the first of a 17-day trip for GTGIM into the heart of Nigeria.  Jim Corbett, along with Pastor David Stutzman of Berlin Christian Fellowship Church, Tim Reed, a 26-year prison ministry veteran and Bernie Torrence of the La Red Business Network will be taking GTGIM into Nigeria for the first time since the ministry’s birth.  These men have travelled tirelessly back and forth to Nigeria for years with different ministry organizations in the past, but this will be the first trip under the GTGIM umbrella.  We are excited to see how God will be using GTGIM to serve our brothers and sisters across the world!

Below, the first email update from Jim:

Nigeria 2016

1/27/16/Wednesday Night

The first leg (of the flight –  to Atlanta) went well.  Now I wait about 2 more hours before we go to Lagos Nigeria, an 11.5-hour flight.  Just had a plate of fish tacos that were really good.  Something about knowing the food will be restricted for the next 17 days made the tacos even better.  I feel prayed up and over even more than ever for this journey.  Susan and the team of intercessors and all the giving hearts that have supported the children are covering us mightily.  I feel God’s presence every step of the way.  So keep it up team, this is one long flight.  I’m hoping it’s not packed so we can stretch out a little bit.  I talked to Bernie and Tim and they are in Houston waiting on their plane.  So we’ll all meet in the Lagos Airport in Nigeria and stay the night at a Mission House there before the drive to Benin City in the morning. 

Thank you all again for taking this journey with us.  Keep checking the website,, for updates and pictures.

GTG=Glory to God

Love to all,


There are multiple stops along the way during this two-and-a-half-week adventure.  Be sure to check out the Nigeria 2016 Itinerary in the Resources tab to follow along with us!


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