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Nigeria 2017 – Departure

Dear family, friends and precious intercessors,

Jim and Pastor David are on the plane now in Atlanta taking off for Lagos, Nigeria. This is Jim’s 26th trip I believe. I can honestly say, never before have I had so much peace concerning his mission travels to Nigeria. There is a joy that surpasses understanding….if you have ever been to Nigeria, you would know that has to be God.

Jim has had a consistent dream concerning this trip. In it he saw “a huge hand holding an umbrella handle come out of the sky and as the handle of the umbrella hit the ground the umbrella burst open and inside the umbrella spokes the words trust began dripping down the inside spokes and fall into the ground. As they hit the ground the ground began to shake and rumble. Immediately huge oak trees began to pop up out of the ground fully mature and healthy. The next thing he knows he is standing in the middle of a forest in awe of all the beautiful mature trees.”

This vision occurred twice while he was jogging and again in a dream during the summer as he prepared for this trip. Thus the theme of faith moving into trust was birthed.

We know God has a very special plan for this trip and we are excited to see what HE has in store.

Jim wrote the following this evening.

Saints, As I sit on the plane in Cincinnati heading to Atlanta then Lagos, Nigeria, it feels like we’ve been here so many times. But the Lord has been touching our spirits that the seeds of TRUST, will explode into the “FOREST OF THE REMNANT”. Please pray for these TRUST roots to go deep, fast.

GTG, Jim

Their flight is due to arrive in Lagos around 4:30 pm Lagos time which is around 11:30 am our time. Thank you again for all your prayers, love, support and encouragement. Bless you all a thousand times over. Praying you are richly blessed as well as we journey together on this trip for the next few weeks, with Jim and his team Pastor David, Bernie, and Tim.

All glory be God’s, Susan

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