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Nigeria 2017 – Port Harcourt Prison Visits

So what is not to love about this team (Bernie, Jim, and Tim)?  Their 3 days in Port Harcourt were a whirlwind of ministry, fellowship and worship at its finest. Margaret picked them up at the airport, took them to their hotel where they had a team meeting with Margaret and her team then dined together at the hotel. They were picked up by the Bishop and driven to his church where they had a powerful time of teaching, worship, prayer and ministry.  The Holy Spirit showed up in a powerful way.

Bernie, the mission director of LaRed, Jim, the big Oybo, and Lieutenant Tim, a minister to and prison warden in Ohio, are seen in the picture above. Tim has been using the LaRed round tables in numerous prisons in Ohio and has seen fruit and miracles beyond comprehension. Lives completely transformed, hearts changed and souls saved for Jesus and His kingdom. His ministry has been so successful that there has been a documentary made of the testimony of the prisoners and the transformation they have experienced. They were able to share this documentary with the prisoners in the prisons they visited. Tim’s ministry has been so fruitful and blessed even his church in Ohio now goes to the prisons to have church. There has been a 25 percent reduction of violence in the prisons since his ministry began.

In Port Harcourt they visited a youth detention center, then the maximum security prison, and finally the Remand Farm Prison where about 75 selected prisoners farm the land for food for themselves but also the larger prisons there as well.

Finally, they also visited the youth corpers of NYSC. These are all college graduates 25-26 years old. Top class, selected students. There they again introduced teachings and training with the LaRed round tables. Our hope is for these young people who are the cream of the crop to bring in ethics and values to their culture in whatever they decide to do with the education they have received. They will operate with kingdom values and mindsets in business, medical, education, government …whatever…bringing light and love to dark places of corruption and cultural depravity.

To quote John Gray, in his Sermon after the Storm on Sunday, “It is time to lay down our culture and pick up the kingdom”

Margaret is the most precious pure hearted woman of God and diligent minister to the prisons at Port Harcourt.  She has been such a prayer warrior and encourager on my behalf this past year as I journeyed through my health trials. Such a faithful friend and true sister in Christ I am grateful and honored to know her and call her friend.  It wasn’t all that long ago while she was ministering at one of the prisons, her car was stolen with all kinds of her personal belongings and ministry paperwork etc. in it. How discouraging would that be? We prayed and prayed her car would show up and be returned. It never was, but Margaret kept on going back ministering taking pubic transport at her own expense and personal time. It occurs to me that there are times God allows things to happen to check our hearts. Even storms…..and hurricanes.

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”  I love you Margaret, you are such an inspiring for me.

Yesterday after their final visits they drove back to Benin City and the Hotel Protea. Jim said by far their accommodations have been the best ever. Glory to God! Showers, clean linens, and air conditioning!!! Praise the Lord!!!

Jim mentioned a young pastor they (Bernie and Tim) met on the plane on their way to Nigeria. He is the pastor who gave GTGIM $100 to sow into the ministry there.  Jim said Kingsley has gone everywhere with them since their arrival. Jim said Kingsley is family now and reminds him so much of our deceased and dearly loved Nigerian brother, Francis. It just seems so natural to be with him. How good of God to bring him.

Their ministry today is to prisons in Benin City. They will also be sowing into relationships there and finally visit Adebayo and his church this evening. Tomorrow they will travel to Lagos to finish up their ministry with our beloved Pastor Louis. Please continue to pray for their protection. Praying God reveal what is hidden and make known the unknown and bring allowed the darkness to light so all may be sanctified and purified to the glory of God. Pray for wisdom and discernment as they make their final decisions and relational encounters. Continue, Lord, to blind the eyes of the enemy that they may go about the business of the Lord without distraction or interference. All glory be yours, Lord, forever and ever. Amen




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