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Nigeria Trip 2016 – Day Eleven

We are handing it over to Susan Corbett (co-founder of GTGIM and wife of Jim Corbett) today to detail the events of GTGIM in Nigeria.  Susan has joined Jim on previous trips, before the creation of GTGIM, but as time has gone on the conditions have become too unsafe for her to be there.  She has worked tirelessly alongside her husband as a prayer warrior and information transmitter between the men in Nigeria and the intercessors stateside.  As we continue to pray for the men who GO as God is leading them, let’s not forget to pray for strength for their families, who God is calling to STAY, and asking to trust Him with their loved ones.

Today Jim and Pastor David each preached at their assigned churches; Jim at Adebayo ‘s church and Pastor David at James’s church. Afterwards they visited with the congregations and the lead pastors’ families. Jim was so encouraged and blessed. He said the churches are strong and mature, they have prospered and grown. Jim was delighted to see Adebayo ‘s youngest son, Prosper, on the drums during praise and worship. We remember him as an infant! It is so hard to believe that he is that old already.             Jim was particularly touched as one of our children helped seed Adebayo’s church back in 2002.  Our son and his wife gave of their first fruits as a married couple. They entrusted us with a financial gift to take on our very first trip to Nigeria, asking us to use as we felt directed by the Spirit. Adebayo, a trusted disciple of Desmond Cole’s, (our daughter-in-law’s grandfather) and one of the pastors we met on our first mission trip, was wanting to build a permanent church for his congregation. After much prayer we decided to give the financial gift to him. He used the money to purchase the land for his now thriving and alive church! Jim said the church was really nice and was filled with lots of young families. What a joy to see such healthy seed take root and grow and multiply. bearing fruit for the kingdom of God!

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