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Remand Juvenile Center

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Pictured is the Reconnect to Life ministry team at the Remand Juvenile Center.  Celebrating our vocational training gift of a foot peddle sewing machine.  We were given special grace to use my camera inside the correctional facility.  Normally, no photos are allowed inside the inmate areas.

Of the group, four of us called on a very large and well-maintained private school to introduce the Anti-Virus Education opportunity to the Principal.  She loved it and said, “yes we must have it,” right on the spot!  We were so blown away by how quickly God can open doors.  Unfortunately, picture-taking is not permitted inside school walls.  The four on the school call were Margaret, Jim, Karellie, and Bishop Cornelius. The joy was really flowing as we began sharing how amazing that kind of reception was because for several months we couldn’t even get a return phone call.

Remand Juvenile center was equally as anointed or more powerful spiritually for sure.  Both Pastor Kingsley and Bishop Uranta were led by the spirit to pray over the children, prophecy and several threw off evil spirits and fell on the ground.  So amazing how the guards just let this totally happen, and even assisted in catching kids being slain in the spirit from falling too hard.  Now I know this sounds crazy, but it just happened spontaneously.  Neither pastor was planning anything more than your typical exhortation to juveniles when they were both moved to action.  I know several children were snatched from the gates of HELL TODAY, Hallaluya!

Jim Corbett, GTGIM


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