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2021 Nigerian Yield Tour “In Country” Impact

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

We are excited to share with our GTGIM friends the powerful “In Country Impact” that resulted from Jim’s most recent mission to Nigeria, as he heralded the “YIELD” message to West Africa.  The enemy tried to block the message through demonic pushback and delays, but God’s will prevailed, and the “YIELD” message went forth.

It is important to note that prior to Jim even going to Nigeria, there were those who expressed concerns about his traveling to Nigeria, especially with all the unrest worldwide, yet Jim knew, without a doubt, he heard from the Lord to “GO!”  He didn’t listen to man’s voice, he YIELDED to the voice of the Lord.

What we learned:

(1) The victory doesn’t always look like what we planned!

(2)  Sometimes just the ability to keep going, leads to God’s blessings

(3) “I don’t know” is an acceptable response at times.

We reached out to our Nigerian Ambassadors with the goal of discovering what was significant to them as they shared in this YIELD pilgrimage.  We are excited to share their responses.

The YIELD MESSAGE was EPIC (Every Person in Christ) in every dimension.  The message came to fill all blank spaces in my life, leaving me in fullness of Him that fills all in all, doubtless. 1. Like in the Samaritan village: (John 4:42) God shows up, even in the most unpleasant places. The unpredictability of the Spirit of God to unveil in Yielded Spirits is EPIC. 2. Hunger: John 4:13,14. The Spirit’s presence is still lingering, stronger than before.

(When we drink from the wells of the world, we still thirst) The Water from the Spirit of God becomes a well (dwelling), more satisfying, we desire more, and get into deeper knowledge of the Master. I am fully more occupied with discovery of myself and the Lord in the union of being Yielded.  I believe it is an experience the Lord Jesus Christ has uttermost experience because it earned Him the right hand of God, far above all powers.

3 REST: Yielding is Rest. When I submitted to the Spirit, I am confident, I know God and I am known of Him. Now when I submit to the Spirit, it is for me to pick it up again. Therefore I am entered into God’s rest. The Yield Message is the message for the Remnants. I am privileged of THIS TIME.

Pastor Kingsley Okendu shares:

Kingsley Okendu

There are more lessons learned from Jim’s tour to Nigeria than anyone could succinctly append. The greatest of them all is the sincere love of Christ and willingness to obey God not minding the cost. Jim is a living example of his messages and mission. He’s a living example of a life YIELDED to God, a Man of UNITY & LOVE, GIVING WITH NO EXPECTATIONS to mention a few.


I’ve observed all Jim’s tours and have this to say to everyone who will come across this piece. YIELD is not a Church program that has come and gone, no! YIELD is a VOICE daily calling sinners to repent. YIELD is the call of the Spirit to the saints to yield to the will of the Father! It’s a call for daily life of sacrifice and service to God and humanity. Above all, Yield is a network, a coalition of the end time Armies of Christ for the last Harvest before the return of our King. (Haggai 2:6-9)

Like John the Baptist, Jim is the heralding voice for this call in the spirit and has courageously conveyed the cry of the Spirit in heart saying YIEEEELD!

I shared this with Jim during his stay in Port Harcourt Nigeria, though I could not make it to the program due to unforeseen circumstance. Though the program has ended, the voice of the Spirit daily still cries……… YIELD!

Now may His Grace abound with you as we all yield and be useful armor in the Lord’s hands for the last Harvest……..

It is incredible how this validates what God spoke on Yielding!

The enemy tried to block it and failed! 🙏🙏GTG

Pastor Margaret Wiwuga shares:

Jim, it is a truth, every visit you have made to Nigeria, is a test of faith, for you, your family and all of us.

I am particularly grateful to God that for everything God has made possible, there has been a corresponding faith to commit and to Yield.  And so, we have climbed new mountains and soared over hills, the size of which we did not comprehend. But we did all these under the Mighty Covering of our God and His Unfailing Love.

Over and over again, our Team remained grateful to God, for your zeal and passion for God’s Kingdom and His work.  Every wake-up call to Yield, demands a corresponding obedience, and I am trusting God, that His Word will work wonders through you, my brother and GTGIM, to bring into manifestation “What eyes have not seen, nor ears heard,” because your work is born out of Love for God (1 Corinthians 2: 9).

Let me use this opportunity to tell you, that God has multiplied us, and we shall not be few…a young man from the Youth Corp joined us officially last week. His name is Clement Ajayi, a graduate of Civil engineering.

Thank you so much.

To Our God be all glory Forever Amen

Margaret 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤

Pastor James Oyeyemi shares: 

What a trip. Very well captured. To the Lord we give all the glory and praise for initiating and executing everything about the Yield Tour, for the accomplishment of his predetermined purpose.  We are indeed grateful to Him for his spiritual, physical, material, and financial provision that made the trip possible and huge success.

The labor of love of GTGIM Directors, Partners and Staff for the advancement and establishment of His Kingdom in our nation is greatly appreciated. Our heavenly Father will richly reward you all in His wonderful Name.  Many thanks.  James

The greatest lesson was the sincere love of Christ

and willingness to obey God not minding the cost. 

 The YIELD message is not a church program, it is a VOICE! 


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