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Ambassador Spotlight – Bethel

Ambassador:     Amah Bethelverra “Bethel”

Family Spouse: Amah Goodnews

Children: Amah Melody Amah King Amah Treasure Amah Eden

GTGIM Ambassador and Servant Leader of the Graceful Sisters Fellowship

I have a very strong passion for the less privileged, especially for the orphans and widows. Right now, I believe through the Graceful Sisters Fellowship we can reach out to more of this people. My vision is to see the widows established in their various trades or handiwork they have learned, and in turn, reach out to others and establish them.

As an Ambassador for GTGIM, Deaconess Amah Bethelverra ”Bethel”  is a servant leader of the Graceful Sisters Fellowship. The various skills acquisition training sessions offered through the Graceful Sisters has enabled many widows to provide for themselves and their families. In addition to the training sessions, the monthly meetings include time to pray, study scripture, and encourage one another.  Each year, in early December, a community outreach is organized. The sisters gather what they have, such as food, clothing etc. to distribute to those in need.  Deaconess Bethel teaches that everyone has something to offer; it is not just about receiving, but also giving back. Through the Graceful Sisters Fellowship, God reached out to these courageous women and showed them that their lives were not lost with the passing of their husbands. They have value, and in addition to changing their own lives, they can affect those around them in a positive way.

As the wife of Pastor Goodnews, Deaconess Bethel’s involvement with GTGIM also dates back to Pastor Desmond & Evelyn Cole’s first visit to Nigeria. They served the Coles during their visits to Nigeria and took care of their compound when they returned home to the U.S. As an attendee of the Leaders Conference coordinated by GTGIM, she has been partially involved with the ministry since the beginning, but became fully involved when GTGIM became a bridge in support of her vision for widows and less privileged children.

Deaconess Bethel met and made Jesus the Lord of her life in 1983 at a revival program held by Jesus the Light Mission, where Reverend Kasi Azike led her to Christ. She says since then, her life has been good serving the Lord and getting to know Him more.

Deconess Bethel and her beautiful family live in Benin City, Edo-State Nigeria. She is very busy standing alongside her husband, Pastor Goodnews, in support of his responsibilities with GTGIM, nurturing their four children in the ways of the Lord, and serving widows through the Graceful Sisters Fellowship.

Standing L to R: King, Melody, Eden, Bethel, & Treasure

Sitting: Pastor Goodnews

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