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Ambassador Spotlight – Goodnews

Ambassador:     Amah Goodnews

Family Spouse: Amah Bethelverra “Bethel”

Children: Amah Melody Amah King Amah Treasure Amah Eden

Associate Director of Nigerian Operations

“My vision for Nigeria is to use my ministry to serve in a humble way, carefully watching my thoughts. Where we are today is the product of yesterday’s wrong actions and decisions. I want to use the Ethics 1st Principles, ‘Saying truth and doing the right things’, and by so doing, I will be the example of the change others can see.”

As Associate Director of Nigerian Operations, Amah Goodnews’ “Pastor Goodnews” supports Onwubuya Paul Obinozie “Obi” and travels with him on GTGIM business. Pastor Goodnews’ knowledge of the region, proven trustworthiness, and ability to step in wherever needed makes him a vital part of the GTGIM team. As GTGIM continues to look for practical, self-sustaining enterprises that will create opportunities for the saints in Nigeria, Pastor Goodnews’ strong business planning skills will be used to lead those efforts.

Pastor Goodnews’ involvement with GTGIM dates back to Pastor Desmond & Evelyn Cole’s first visit to Nigeria in 1987 and the establishment of Care International Ministries.  As a young couple, he and his wife, Bethel, served the Coles during their visits and took care of their compound when they returned home. Pastor Goodnews met Jim and Susan during one of their visits to Nigeria with the Coles, and the relationship just grew stronger over the years. When Evelyn passed away, and Pastor Desmond was no longer able to travel, Jim established GTGIM and returned to Nigeria.   Pastor Goodnews described Jim’s return to Nigeria as a resurrection, awakening, and renewing of a relationship. He says that most people in Nigeria do not care about the widows, orphans, sojourners and prisoners, but this is where the heart of God is, and GTGIM has come to bridge that gap and is affecting lives.

Pastor Goodnews’ relationship with Jesus began one Saturday evening in June of 1985 with a gospel song. He was sitting in his one room apartment listening to this song, and the Holy Spirit started opening his heart to understand the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross. He then heard a voice asking him if he was going to let this sacrifice be in vain. In that one room apartment, Pastor Goodnews bowed his knee, wept, and asked Jesus to come into his heart and be his Lord and Savior. The next morning, he went to the nearest fellowship center for Sunday school and worship. Isn’t it awesome how God can use the simplest of things, a gospel song, to draw us to Him?

Pastor Goodnews and his lovely family live in Benin City, Edo-State Nigeria where he leads a home fellowship.

Standing L to R: King, Melody, Eden, Bethel, & Treasure

Sitting: Pastor Goodnews


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