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Answering the Call

As the rainy season quickly approaches in Nigeria, a new concern has presented itself at the Children’s Camp.  With over 2,000 orphans now on site, simple luxuries that we often take for granted, like safe plumbing and septic systems, are becoming harder and harder to manage.  While there are a few toilets and showers for them to use, the number of children who call the Camp for the Needy “home” is growing exponentially, and the need for safe handling of waste is becoming urgent.  When it rains it pours in Nigeria (literally), and if the waste management system floods, our sweet Kingdom children will be at high risk for severe illness, and possibly even death.  To date, we can say with great pleasure that we haven’t lost a single child at the camp.  To lose even one because of something like this would be absolutely devastating.

But God, in all his grace and perfect timing, has brought together so many incredible resources through GTGIM!  Our brother in Nigeria, Pastor John Bull, is not only a pastor with a heart for these orphans, but also a wholesale plumbing parts salesman, as well as a certified plumbing specialist.  John was able to survey the situation and send over detailed blueprints and pricing estimates to get the children a safer, more manageable toilet system.  The total cost?


A heart-wrenching number.  Even in our wealthy country, $45,000 is far from cheap.  But, of course, God is always working all things for the good of those who love Him, and He had a plan set in place before any of us could even wrap our brains around it!  After much prayer and transparent conversation, a couple from the Berlin, OH area heard the cry and answered the call.  $45,000 – paid in full!  And today, the problem is well on its way to being rectified, debt free.

So you see, God is in the miracle business, and He is pleased to use everyday people.  We have to be willing to stand up and answer the call if we want to witness the working hand of God in our lifetime.  Praise be to Him who chooses US to be his handiwork!  GTG!

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