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Connecting Students Across the Globe

Leader’s Edge, a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing leaders, is going to be partnering with GTGIM to influence students from Ohio to Nigeria!  Through their school program, Anti-Virus, the folks at Leader’s Edge will be connecting 3,500 Ohio students across 40 different schools with our senior students at the Camp for the Needy.  For one week, students in both Nigeria and Ohio will be participating in discussions on the principle of generosity, using the Lared Business Principles materials, and then having daily Skype sessions to share what they’ve learned.  During this week, the Ohio students will be raising funds to send to the Camp for the Needy, while the Nigerian students will be making crafts and native clothing to send back to the American students.  GTGIM is honored to have the opportunity to bridge the gap between these two ministries, all to HIS glory, and to give students across the globe the chance to experience the culture of others.  The students at the Camp for the Needy have already begun their round table meetings; check out the images below!


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