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Updated: Dec 12, 2022

The Revival Harvest – January 27-30, 2022

We want to encourage you with the revelation that God’s delays are not God’s denials, as we discovered with the scheduled December Revival – “Knowing Christ in Osaa” that was moved to the end of January 2022 because of demonic pushback. When we yield to the Spirit of God and know that HE will have the final say and HIS purposes will prevail, we walk in faith and obedience knowing that we can trust HIS promises are yes and amen!  One of the reasons for delays we may experience in our Kingdom assignment, is that our all-knowing God may be protecting us from unseen danger, or it is simply not HIS timing.  Although there was a delay for this revival, we are excited to share there wasn’t a denial and God moved in a powerful way to bring freedom and liberty to the Village of Osaa and the Autonomous Community.

At the invitation of King HRH Eze Clement Onwulata, Jim visited the Village of Osaa Ukwu last year, to bring a fresh anointing from the Kingdom of God through the “Yield” message.  It was our hope that God would allow us to continue to water the work and continue to build on this foundation.  Our prayers were answered!  The King’s heart for his Village and Community was for everyone to bring their idols and sacrifice them at the altar and serve the one true God, thus an invitation for revival was issued.

2 Corinthians 5:20-21 TPT “We are Ambassadors of the Anointed One who carry the message of Christ to the world, as though God were tenderly pleading with them directly through our lips.  So, we tenderly plead with you on Christ’s behalf, “Turn back to God and be reconciled to Him.” 

Encouragement and Prayers for Pastor Amelia and team

Amelia, you are an Ambassador for Christ, His diplomatic agent of the highest rank sent to represent King Jesus in the Village of Osaa Ukwu and authorized to speak on His behalf.  You are the voice of heaven to the earth, invested with royal power through the name of Jesus and authority of His blood.  Our Way-maker goes before you to prepare the way.  No weapon formed against you shall prosper and the wrap-around presence of the Holy Spirit is with you.  Your GTGIM family is coming alongside you and praying you through.

After the failed 2021 Crusade Date, the Lord granted a fresh grace to stage the crusade in the first month of the year, January 2022.   While in route to the airport on a very dark, dangerous bypass dreaded by all in Lagos, Amelia and family experienced a flat tire.  This is a road where hoodlums spray nails and spikes at night to puncture vehicle tires for them to have an opportunity to rob motorists who stop to repair their vehicle.  By the grace of God, He provided help to fix the tire and address other challenges along the way.  With still miles away from the airport, they received word the flight was delayed, which was amazing news that brought exceeding joy!  That was the first miracle!  Only God!

Upon arrival in Port Harcourt, God granted another favor by providing a driver to take Amelia and team to Aba at a subsidized price and picked them up seven days later for the same fee!  On arrival to Aba, they boarded Keke to Osaa for the all-night prayer vigil with the Pastors and team.  The Holy Spirit was present to encourage, empower and enlighten them.

First day of Crusade Advance Notice and prayer

Pastor Margaret from Reconnect to Life prayed:“Lord let the sickle of harvest for souls reap hundreds into Your Kingdom as Your Word goes forth, in the Most Powerful Name of Jesus Christ. Father we give You thanks for the Miracles of New birth and turnaround testimonies for Your glory and praise forever, Amen.”


The ministry team of four pastors and two workers visited the Nursing Mother’s Clinic to bless them with fellowship, prayer, encouragement, hugs, hope and to bless them with needed mother and baby care items.  GTG!

We are grateful the King of Osaa welcomed Amelia and the ministering team to his private home and thanked them for the work

The ministry team presented the King with four cartons of Bibles, 1 he-goat, 11 ministry polos and bottles of wine, courtesy of GTGIM.  The King gathered with the team to pray with them and for them.

1 John 5:21 TPT “So, little children, guard yourselves from worshiping anything but Him!”

God could not be restrained.  The youth who were under the bondage of idol worship surrendered their idols and juju trinkets at the altar to be burned in fire!  Local terrorist groups, cultists, drug lords, and robbers came to openly denounce their evil trade.

Crusade in ITU held in the market square


God was present with the Power of His spoken Word and the Holy Spirit came down mightily.  As praise and worship was filling the market square, a mad lady appeared in rags and filth.  She danced, praising God with lifted eyes and arms to God.  During the message, she stood still and wasn’t moving.  Pastor Amelia shared that what she saw was heartbreaking, she broke down in tears and she tempted to approach her but was restrained by the Spirit of God.  On the next day of the crusade, Amelia was burdened of heart for the mad woman, she looked for her, but she was nowhere to be found!  Chinazo (means God saves) was there!  She was not recognizable because God performed a miraculous deliverance and she looked completely different.  We give God glory!

We are thankful for the Spirit of God’s presence throughout the crusade.  Despite all the opposition from the enemy, the crusade happened in God’s timing.  God is faithful!  We are grateful for all the prayers of the Saints, the GTGIM family and brethren who follow this ministry, who invested time in prayer and intercession to make this crusade a victory.  We give God the glory and honor for what HE has done, and we celebrate HIS goodness to bring healing, deliverance and restoration!

Disabled Children Visit

Disabled Children Visit – They are now in a makeshift home because they recently suffered eviction and are needing a habitable place to live.  They constantly battle with snakes and other reptiles because of a lack of proper living conditions.

Widows Visit

Widows Visit – Many widows joined the ministry and gave their life to God after hearing the salvation message!  They received bags of rice

MEDICAL SUPPLIES: We dispensed non- prescription drugs to nearly 50 people and many more were still coming. We also took their blood pressures referring them to their health care centers for further treatments where required. They were gifted reading glasses after testing.

MEALS PROVIDED:  We fed those who had travelled distances to be at the crusade.

SHOES DISTRIBUTED:  Shoes were distributed to both old and young, men and women.

We praise God that the Crusades were a victory! Thank you GTGIM USA and GTGIM Nigeria for your prayer support and the support of all who engage with GTGIM. Thank you for yielding to the Spirit of God and journeying with us to make a difference for the Kingdom of God.  We are thankful for the King of Osaa Ukwu who embraces the Spirit of God in the autonomous regions where he reigns over 200,000 inhabitants and is casting out all demonic presence in his Kingdom.   We are looking forward to Jim’s pilgrimage in August, who once again will have an audience with the King.



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