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Ethics 1st Training of NYSC in Jos

To the glory of God, two of our Nigerian GTGIM brothers, Charles Eromosele and Max Ayiki, hosted a one-day conference in the city of Jos, Nigeria, where they introduced the Ethics 1st principles to a group of service-oriented youth, the Nigerian Youth Service Corp.  With about 25 in attendance, it was a very successful first step at integrating the Lared biblical principles into the NYSC, which has been a desire of Charles’ since he joined GTGIM just a few short months ago.  Charles, who was initially helping with photography and video during GTGIM mission trips, has truly blossomed as a servant of Christ in his pursuit of Nigerian youth.  One of the most noteworthy moments of the training was when Charles asked the attendees if they had ever envisioned a desirable future for themselves; not one single person raised their hand.  After the training session, Charles asked if any of them believed that a desirable future was possible, and every single hand was raised!

44% of the population in Nigeria is made up of peoples younger than 15 years old.  Compare that to the mere 19% in the USA, and you can begin to understand how vital it is to direct the youth of Nigeria in godliness.  These children are the future of Nigeria, and their influence will be undeniable in just a few short years!  For a full report from Charles on this one-day Ethics 1st training, check it out on our Resources page by clicking HERE (it’s at the bottom). Also, hear what some of the attendees had to say in the short video, below:


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