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Friends of Jesus Event


This is indeed a great harvest .

Rev. Margaret Wiwuga and a team of six headed to that community called Gokhana, in Ogoni, River state to the part of a program organized to transform ex militants, ex cultist.

This was truly a destiny appointment to be able to reach them.

There were several sessions at the program but Rev. Margaret was given a session which she used to teach them on their need to walk with the Values and Principles, of The Kingdom, to which they now belong.

This was so impactful especially to the transition and reintegration process of these ex militants, and the priest requested that the Ethics program be extend to them as a continuous support. So training we soon take place to train them to become Facilitators of the Round tables and build a values-driven culture.

They also had a set of Skill Acquisition programs opened up to provide them with meaningful means of livelihood.

There are three people in our contact that needs to be mentioned for their tremendous contributions to the success of this event are;

– Mrs Ann Amene: who runs an Orphanage (Oasis of Love).

– Rev Robert Manafa, a gentleman who attended a previous conference, and connected us to Mrs. Ann Amene.

– Father Abel Mgbulu, is the Catholic Priest who has championed the transition of these ex-militants, to become Friends of Jesus. A process that involved renouncing all of their past, laying down arms and burning charms, and accepting Amnesty offered by Government.

We are truly grateful for the open doors and want to say a big thank you for your prayers and support to see this that this great nation is transformed.


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