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GTGIM – Lagos Visits Camp for the Needy (IDP Camp)

The members of GTGIM – Lagos visited the Camp for the Needy on Saturday, April 9th.  Below is a summary of their trip, headed by our dear brother, Pastor Louis.

Saturday, 09/04/2016

Time:  9 AM

The journey started and it was smooth. The team arrived in Benin City before 12:45pm.  A warm smile and embrace awaited them from Pastor Obi who came to escort the team to the camp.

FIRST ENCOUNTER:  For some team members, this was their first visit to IDP Camp.  Pastor Louis was head of the team. Pastor knew the ropes having visited the Camp previously.  Pastor Louis explained, with painful details, all questions, plus what the group needed to know about the IDP Camp. The details were emotion charged as members could not hide the tears on contact with the residents of IDP. Pastor Obi could be regarded as almost a resident of the place himself…….He took the group on a tour guide. The group met Barrister Juliet, a one-time homeless child, and resident of IDP Camp but now a qualified Barrister at Law. She is a beneficiary of the benevolence of the camp. Pastor Helen was no less helpful. She gave the group detailed, daily happenings among the residents. Her information was insightful to the group’s psychological, spiritual, social and all-in-all daily living of the IDP residents. Mr. John Bull is the gentle-spoken GTGIM “anchor-man” for the construction of the 15 units of toilets/bathrooms for girls and 15 units of toilets/bathrooms for the boys, with a staggering cost of 14 million Naira. A donation made and undertaken by the Headquarters team of GTGIM USA.

HUMAN TRAGEDY:  The IDP Camp is better experienced than imagined. It is a place of history of worst human carnage, waste of human resource, generational abuse, tales of lawlessness, exhibition of gutless power of ungodliness. All in the signature of Boko Haram, an idolatrous religion of eternal damnation. The faces of children, girls and boys as young as 7 years old, narrating how their families were killed before their very eyes, held the team in pity with swelled eyelids of tears. The picture will remain in this writer’s memory for as long as it takes to bring this injustice to book. These beautiful lives are marred by deliberate wicked acts of self; But the Head of Christ is a wager of war. Jehovah of War, He is the Avenger of all that do atrocity.

MEET THE RESCUED: The team interacted with many happy children. Their testimonies are all the same: They love Jesus and are happy to be alive.

HELP: The team interacted freely with different departments of caregivers:

  1. Vocational (sewing, cooking, baking, bag-making, shoe/sandal making, design)

  2. Education (teachers, classrooms)

  3. The classes range from Creche to JSS

  4. Missionaries

  5. Medics

  6. Sports

MEET THE VISIONARY: Evangelist, missionary, church planter and lover of Jesus Christ, Pastor Solomon Folorunsho, was readily introduced to the Lagos group. He recognized Pastor Louis (having met him previously during visits with USA Brethren). Pastor Solomon shared a wonderful testimony of how the ministry was birthed, his struggles at the early start and where he is today.

MUSLIM CORPER’S: The issue of Muslim threats was fully discussed. Prayer of protection was also said.

GTGIM: GTGIM Influence at the camp was in full glare. Their landmark project (the new hygiene facilities) has not seized to win admiration from all, thanks to God. The Lagos team felt happy and grateful to God to be associated with GTGIM and her great vision for IDP and Nigeria in general.

PHOTO SHOOTS: The children, staff, and others smiled right through the cameras. It was a happy time.

EXIT: The visit to IDP Camp gave the Lagos team much needed insight to the way forward for achieving a success story for GTGIM vision. The team presented some articles of clothing, toilet soaps, etc. to the camp.

JOURNEY BACK: God was with the Lagos Team. Rain fell unabated and was termed “Showers of Blessing”. The team left Benin by 3pm. The fuel scarcity gripping the nation took its toll on the journey. Several detours were made to remote villages along the journey to buy fuel at black market prices.

ARRIVAL: Lagos Team touched ground at the toll gate at precisely 11:17pm. A happy team, for accomplished assignment. Each member left for their homes and arrived safely. Praises to God.


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