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Impacting Nigeria


We are truly so grateful for all God helped us to achieve throughout last year. So many lives impacted across over five (5) states and very much beyond due to the ripple effect on lives.

Where ever there is a seed sown, harvest is always possible. We thank God for your generosity towards us to see that these lives are touched especially in situations where many that were tagged ‘hopeless’ as a result of their past crimes, many who have been involved in militancy, a breakdown of law and order, are now hopeful through several rehabilitation process.

I wish you can also hear the prayers from the widows and underprivileged people that your gifts and funds have touched.  Glory to God International Ministries has become a family to them. I believe that their cries have become memorials before God as a token of His love spread abroad through you.

Through our skill acquisition programmes, the people we reach out to can be able to get empowered to start up self-sustaining small businesses. It will also aid in the societal reintegration programme for the several inmates currently undergoing training.

We still intend to start up skill acquisition programmes in tailoring, ICT and many other things as funds become available to do so.

They are presently have ongoing programmes on different scales. More information will be coming soon on the progress of these programmes.

Meanwhile, it is our desire to scale up our reach to be able to empower more people to the glory of God.

We are also truly grateful for our international partners whose presence each time they come visiting from the United States, has been tremendously impactful. They are true assets of God’s kingdom work in Nigeria.

Several other ministries and communities have greatly been blessed through their presence and ministrations. The annual pastors’ conference each year brings different ministries today in a non-denominational setting full of God’s power and presence.

Pic: The last Pastors’ Conference in 2017

We most specially want you thank you for stretching out your heart of love towards Glory to God International Ministries. All this is made possible by your generous donations and prayers.

Our belief is that God’s blessings on your life will not cease. There are many programmes lined up for 2018 that we will share about in subsequent posts. Glory be to God.


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