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It is GTGIM’s great honor to introduce our newest partnership with CityCommit

Greetings to our GTGIM family around the world,

Meet Brian Yost, Cofounder and President of CityCommit. In 2011, Brian invited a small group of men to ask if there was a need for a city-wide men’s initiative in Sarasota? As these men gathered to simply share, fellowship, and pray, they discovered a deep desire to improve their own manhood, marriages, leadership skills, and help other men do the same. CityCommit started by their “yes!”

CityCommit is transforming their communities through greater men, marriages, and leaders.

Although men have been their primary focus, they are now including and impacting

women as well through these marriage and leadership initiatives.

CityCommit believes that individual lives are transformed when Truth is coupled with relationships.

Truth without friendship leads to personal knowledge and knowledge alone does not change us. Relationships and friendships without a basis of truth or insight leads to good feelings but no life-long change.

When partnered together, Biblical principles integrated with authentic relationships leads to transformation

Brian initially had a business background and then became a lead pastor in Sarasota 15 years ago. That is where he met Jim and Susan and they developed a strong friendship together. Brian shared that the most impactful part of the ministry was not when he was in his pulpit on Sunday preaching, but when the men gathered every Wednesday morning in small groups and the powerful discussions that took place. He felt a release from his pastor’s position and his calling then began in the marketplace where he started a men’s, marriage, and leadership initiative.

CityCommit – a place to belong!

They are a growing network of Biblically based roundtables that meet regularly throughout Southwest Florida and beyond.

Their vary core is micro-groups of 3-5 men or women in gender related groups in several different locations who do life together through truth, either scripture or book, Right-Now media or LaRed principles, depending on the context of the group. CityCommit also uses the roundtable methodology in the jails, recovery community and Salvation Army.

Our GTGIM family is grateful to come alongside Brian and his “CityCommit” team, who play a significant role in bringing transformation by creating places for people to belong and do life together.

For more information about the history of CityCommit and their current and continuing initiatives, we invite you to check out their website at


Jim and Susan & your GTGIM family


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