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March 2018 Trip to Nigeria – Day 4

A visit to the Remand Children’s Home with a group of saints was part of Jim’s last full day in Port Harcourt. He described the visit as “very touching time of expressed love and encouragement.”

Visit to Remand Children’s Home.

Jim also attended an open house hosted by Pastor Margaret and her team, which was held to bring more awareness of her ministry to the local community. Seven new churches participated and heard the testimonies of several former felons who are now functioning successfully in society due to Margaret’s ministry.  The open house also included a sweet time of praise and worship. Click on the video below and enjoy a few minutes worshipping with our brothers and sisters in Nigeria.

Time of Praise & Worship.

The love of God cannot be contained. As our love for one another grows and is strengthened by the Father’s love, it can’t help but overflow onto all those around us. Lord, we pray You continue to strengthen these relationships in Port Harcourt, so that Your name is glorified and Your purposes accomplished in that city.

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