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March 2018 Trip to Nigeria – Day 9

Amazing Day of God’s Goodness

Jim and the GTG team started their day in Benin City with the sweet widows of the Graceful Sisters Fellowship. Deaconess Beth Amah, Pastor Goodnews’ wife, oversees this skills acquisition ministry and has seen God move mightily in the lives of these women. This ministry holds a special place in the hearts of those at GTGIM, and Jim always likes to take time to visit and honor the widows and bless them with a gift to continue their ministry.

During today’s visit, the widows and their children blessed the team with song and several cultural dances. The children performed a traditional native dance of welcome and the widows treated everyone with a celebration of culture dance. What a joyous time! As I watched the videos, I found myself dancing with them. The videos are short; take just a minute and join us.

Today’s journey concluded in the Obanyator Village where everyone enjoyed a time of fellowship and singing and dancing before our Lord.

Cute kids dancing in church.

Jim described the entire day as “an amazing day of God’s goodness.”

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