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Nigeria 2017 – GTGIM Team in Benin City

I love my brothers and sisters in Christ in Nigeria. I cannot explain the joy that comes in every conversation and connection with them. Only God can ignite such unexplainable joy in a moment. Just hearing their voices brings absolute delight. I wonder if that is how it is for our Father in heaven when we talk or communicate with HIM. It truly is amazing when you think about it, that clear pure spiritual connection amongst the body of Christ that breathes love… Is LOVE….brings love…leaves you loved. That is probably why Jesus said “They will know us by our love”….

Above, you see the big “Oybo ” ( white man) with Obi in blue, Goodnews in purple and Pastor Louis in orange, and Pastor David Schutzman. What a handsome team, a beautiful sight…”beautiful feet”.

As you can see they all arrived safely in Benin City and at their hotel. They have found a different hotel this time with a shower that works and air conditioning. What joy! What a gift to my husband and Pastor David. Now that definitely deserves a big HALLELUJAH!!!

I have a feeling they will be staying in this hotel again. Each had a good night’s sleep.

Well, they are well on their way to an absolutely wonderful day. They will be visiting a widows house first then off to the beloved village of Obanyator for a REVIVAL. I SO want to be there!

If you ever experienced revival in the village you would understand why.

Please be praying for their protection again as they travel specifically over their vehicles and their bodies and their health…

Praising God for this incredible opportunity to bring hope and encouragement and trusting God’s goodness and grace to be so ever present with them all. May God’s presence be so ever manifested with them where they go.

Bless you all for your faithfulness in prayer and encouragement to us…and taking the time to read this.

Your emails and texts bring that same joy. You are blessing.

In Christ’s Love, Susan


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