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Nigeria 2017 – Team 2 in Port Harcourt

Bernie and Lt. Tim arrived in Nigeria on Friday as Pastor David departed.  On Saturday, Jim and the team flew from Lagos to Port Harcourt which begins the second leg of the trip.  On Sunday, they spoke at a Pastors Summit.  Jim said their Pastors Summit was a huge success….such a success that 17 of the 100 pastors went to the prisons today with our GTGIM team to minister to those in the prisons.  Jim said at the end of their visit the wardens even walked them to their cars and basically said you are welcome here anytime to do whatever you will.  Jim said Bernie and Tim have done all the teachings and knocked the ball out if the park.  Who could possibly not be blessed by the LaRed round tables??…and Bernie and Tim???

There are SO many GOD stories to share.  One story Jim shared is how a young Pastor who met Bernie on the plane gave $100 dollars to sow into GTGIM.  The Pastor came to the summit and Jim told the group of the Pastor’s generosity and said that GTGIM would match the donation and then gave it to the Bishop who had allowed them to use his place and equipment for the summit to sow into his ministry.  The whole summit cheered in a loud roar to see such generosity but also generous hearts to support each other.  Such a beautiful example of the kingdom mindset of collaboration vs competition and the fruit it brings among the body of Christ. Thus bringing more light to the world.

Our love and gratitude for each one of you, “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make HIS face shine upon you and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up HIS countenance upon you and give peace.”




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