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Nigeria Mission 2023

When God calls and you obey, it opens the doors for miracles!

Upon arriving in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Jim was welcomed by Pastor Margaret and her Reconnect to Life Mentoring and Coaching Team. God is no doubt on the move with Margaret and their prison ministry. We are delighted that along with her fruitful prison ministry, the Anti-virus character building program has been embraced and is growing. God is now opening doors to the schools as well.

Acts 20:24: “Life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about God’s mighty kindness and love.”

Powerful outreach to the Remand

Farm Correctional Center. This is

where 70 inmates volunteer to do

time on the farm by working

there to raise crops etc. to feed the

inmates at several of the prisons.

Our Port Harcourt Pastors Cornelius

and Kingsley gave strong and direct

messages of change.

Anti-Virus Orientation and Training – Port Harcourt

Mrs. Margaret Wiwuga, founder of Reconnect to Life, Coaching and Mentoring Team, (RCL,C&M) leads the orientation session for the 110 attendees. It has been a long road that RCL,C&M has walked.

Their persevering hands on the plows are producing a Kingdom harvest.

Left: Pastor Kingsley monitoring his students in attendance.

Right: Margaret also went from group to group helping.

The faces of change for Nigeria are among this youth movement. How exciting for GTG partners to support this powerful movement. 🙏🙏

Top left: This is Pastor Kingsley’s group from his church. Many are his beautiful children.

Top right: Jim with the youth of Harvest Church

Bottom left: A joyous celebration filled the church

Bottom right: Jim with the youth of Harvest Church

A ministry appreciation luncheon was sponsored by GTGIM to celebrate all that God is doing through RCL,C&M. This is a precious time of seeking Holy Spirit wisdom and guidance, listening to their hopes, dreams, and visions, and hearing the hearts and minds of these beautiful servants both in their ups and downs. What a privilege to partner with Margaret and the RCL,C&M team.

We then concluded Nigeria Mission 2023 with a day of prayer at Pastor Louis’s compound.

Thank you GTG partners for being God's delivery system of Hope for the world we touch. GTG!

Jim and Susan and your GTGIM family


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1 Comment

Lukwago Hamidu
Lukwago Hamidu
Nov 16, 2023

Glory to God for he doing through you guys. GTIM Team may God bless you richly for being willing to an extra mile.

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