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Nigeria Trip 2016 – Day Eight and Nine

After a full week of Kingdom work in Nigeria, Tim Reed and Bernie Torrence arrived back home safely!  Pastor David Stutzman, from Berlin Fellowship Church in Berlin, Ohio arrived today to join Jim in the second week of the trip.  Charles Eromosele, a young man from Kaduna, Nigeria, also joined the team to provide the electronic communications from Nigeria to us here in the US.  There was an hour between flights during which the men were able to debrief and prepare for the next chapter.

GTGIM team at Lagos airport.

GTGIM team at Lagos airport.

Again, travel in Nigeria is not always safe, nor consistent, and this time, while driving to the airport in Lagos, the team was pulled over by police after making a wrong turn.  After much discussion and a bribe (which tends to be what the authorities are looking for when they initiate an arrest), the GTGIM team were allowed to go on their way.  Please continue to pray for safe travel for our men as they move through an unknown country in pursuit of God glorification.

The men spent the night in Lagos, and woke early the next day to return to Benin City, where both Jim and David had the opportunity to preach at different church’s.  Jim has relayed though, that one of the most amazing things that has been happening during this trip is not the planned evangelism opportunities – but the unplanned encounters!  The men have had chance run-ins with multiple people on their way to the Camp for the Needy, the prisons, the churches, and have lead many additional people to Christ.  “Living in the 4th quarter” means seeing the ripe harvest all around us, and being ready and willing to share the gospel every chance we get; whether it’s with a church of 300, or the 3 men behind the counter at your local cell phone store (as was the case for Jim when he was purchasing an international phone yesterday).  GTG!


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