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Nigeria Trip 2016 – Day Thirteen

The Holy Spirit was clearly present at the Pastor’s Conference!  With more pastors in attendance than the venue could hold, the energy was high, and the grace was evident.  There was dancing, skipping, and singing with reckless abandon during the praise and worship segment.  Our Nigerian team of pastors, who have come to be lovingly known as “The Nigerian Committee”, provided a full worship band, choir, and dance team!  The venue was packed, but the event went smoothly and everyone was orderly and gracious.  GTGIM brought gifts for the first 200 pastors who were registered for the conference; backpacks stuffed with two books (The King and His Kingdom by Peter Whyte, which is available for download in the Resources tab, and From Pride to Humility by Stuart Scott), handouts on the teachings, pens, notebooks, and a pair of reading glasses.  There were two volunteer nurses who spent the day fitting the pastors for their glasses.  God has continued to provide just the right people for the jobs He has asked us to do!

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