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Port Harcourt Prison

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

This team picture was taken after we put together a three-hour program for the participants of Margaret’s Reconnect to Life program.  About 40 men packed into a 20×30 space, then add our group with 100+ temperatures for good measure.  No electricity, so no fans and no lights.  Well, who cares about light in the midday sunshine?  It was a major blessing to these men.  We brought snacks and soft drinks.  Also, three guys needed medicine, so we brought that to the overseer’s office along with drinks and snacks for all the guards. This sort of appreciation gets you access over time, and Margaret now has a dedicated Ministry space inside the prison compound. 

Only God!

There were over 5,000 men in this maximum-security prison.  It’s pretty crazy when a 6’4” white guy shows up!  We handled it well once we stood up to all the shouting for money, food, etc.  They usually back off when I just walk right up the biggest one and say really loud so they can all hear,  “Money I do not have, but if it’s value you seek come and join us at church.”  Then I just stand there, and they either just walk away or walk with us to church.  I love it when God just grabs one of his own and brings him along.  Thank you all for praying for us, you are impacting this Nation for God’s Kingdom.

Jim Corbett, GTGIM


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