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Prayer Meditation #100

January 27, 2018. 7:00-7:15 A.M. USA. NIGERIA 1:00-1:15 P.M. #100



“Once more Jesus addressed the crowd. He said, I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me will not be walking in the dark, but will have the Light which is Life.” (John.8:12; Amplified Bible)

2.F. He Came To Make Us See Our Three True Spiritual Names, That We May Bear Them. LEMUEL – BETHEL – EMMANUEL.

LEMUEL – God’s Own. “Gather together to Me My saints

[those who have found grace in My sight], those who have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice”. (Psalm.50:5)

These series we are considering as Prayer Meditation on “Our Three True Spiritual Names”, that the Lord Jesus came as Light, into our world of darkness to enable us see and bear, I want to humbly submit is what God’s heavenly Kingdom or administration on earth is all about; yes, it is what God our Creator, created man and all things, visible and invisible for, and what He is KING over heaven and earth for: it is also what He is the Eternal Judge or Rewarder of all for, and the basis of his judgments. Please read meditatively these scriptures: (Genesis.1:1-4-26-28; Colossians.1:16-20; Ecclesiastes.12:1, 13-14; 1Peter.4:17-18)

The Lord Jesus was not only sent by the Father as Light to enable us see who we are as Sons of God, the Father has also spoken to us through Him, concerning whose we are, who we are, what we are on earth for, and what He has given us. Yes, through his incarnation, our KING has spoken to us concerning what his Kingdom or government is all about; unfortunately, there has been no perfect understanding of what his Kingdom Business requires of us, even after He has made us to see through his personal example, that it requires the offering of our “All” as “God’s Own” – Lemuel, to God our Owner, Maker, Husband, who has offered His “All” to us. (Matthew.11:11-12, 27-30; 6:33, 9-13; 13:44-46; 7:6-12; Hebrews.1:1-4; 3:1-2; 10:5-9)

According to Psalm 50 verse 5, we must make covenant with our Owner, Redeemer and Husband, by sincerely offering our “All” that He has purchased to Him as His property, for Him to build us up as Bethel – “God’s House”, for the expression of his glorious presence on earth, Emmanuel – “God’s Presence”. You must first be certain that a land is truly yours, before erecting a building on it as your dwelling place. There is a price tag, for the presence of the immortal Holy One of the universe. The Lord Jesus was not fortunate to have the Father’s Presence, He established an unbroken true covenant relationship with the Father as Lemuel, Bethel and Emmanuel. (John.10:14-18, 1-10; Hebrews.1:8-9; Revelation.3:9-12, 14-18-22)

PRAYER POINTS 1. Father, cause us to see clearly that your heavenly Kingdom on earth, is all about the expression of your heavenly image, likeness, dominion, glory and fullness through man, who is your Property, House and Presence on earth, as the Lord Jesus was to you on earth. (John.14:6-10, 15-23; 20:21) 2. Father, help us to understand that on account of your purpose to have us function on earth, as your Property (Lemuel), House (Bethel), and Presence (Emmanuel), we are being taught by your Spirit through your Word, examined and rewarded. (Psalm.19:1-14; 105:16-19-22; 107:17-20-21; Isaiah.28:16; Revelation.22:10-12) 3. Father, cause us to do our utmost to look and see your purpose of creating, saving and calling us to be Lemuel, Bethel and Emmanuel, that the Lord Jesus came as Light to enable us see, that we may stop abusing your great purpose, which attracts condemnation. (John.3:16-19) 4. Father, cause leaders in your Church, GTGIM, LaRed, GPS, GEI and all Faith based Ministries, to look and see clearly our three true names, Lemuel, Bethel and Emmanuel that the Lord Jesus came as Light to enable us see and bear. 5. Father, help us to see clearly, that our union with you our Owner, Husband and Redeemer, is our peace, individually, nationally and globally. (Isaiah.9:6- 7)

In His Love, James Oyeyemi.


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