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Reconnect to Life Coaching and Mentoring- Anti-virus

Greetings to our GTGIM family around the world,

We celebrate Pastor Margaret Wiwuga and her Reconnect to Life Coaching and Mentoring team, for taking the initiative to open Nigeria to the Anti-virus protocol. It was a triumphant day with many testimonies of impact from the young people as well as the adults who came.

After the roundtable session, time was given for personal testimonies. The shared experiences were absolutely reassuring that their time was not wasted, and that God himself, is raising up Ambassadors who will live out what they have learned and take the Anti-Virus program to higher levels.

The youth, through an activity on influencer/influenced, discovered they could be influenced by those close to them and they also had the power to influence others. The call to be a positive influence was emphasized.

Anti-Virus youth presentation in Port Harcourt.

Pastor Margaret extended her gratitude and prayers to GTGIM for standing with them, holding their hands through the process, and encouraging them to press on. The fishing net was cast by faith, and we trust the Master Harvester to bring in the harvest.

Thanks for celebrating this great victory with the Reconnect to Life team in Port Harcourt.

We are so proud of them for their desire to raise up youth with values that will provide a strong foundation from which to grow and build a better life.

Your GTGIM family


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1 comentário

Lukwago Hamidu
Lukwago Hamidu
12 de set. de 2023

great work friends and I pray for more Grace to abound.

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