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Sapele Prison


We are grateful to God for yet another privilege he has opened to us to be a part of the transformation within the Federal Prison system in Sapele.

Sapele is a town in Delta State which is in the Southern part of Nigeria. The Sapele Federal Prison system is one of the several prisons in Nigeria that seriously requires a support structure that can strengthen the transformation process of inmates. The GTGIM team saw this opportunity as a golden one to be part of in our quest of rejuvenating the prison system in Nigeria and sowing the seeds of transformation.

The team for this project was led by Pastor Adebayo Okonigbo. Alongside Pastor Adebayo, were Mr Obi Onwubuya (Director, GTGIM) and Mr Goodnews Amah (A board member of GTGIM).

GTGIM has also made it possible for the inmates to be empowered in different skills acquisition trainings such as soap making.

The GTGIM team has successfully embarked on the trainings of prison officials and staffs using the Ohio format of ‘Reimagining Prisons’ which has remained a powerful systems in the transformation within the prisons in Ohio, United States and now starting in Nigeria. As you can see from the pictures, several key prison officials and staffs have already began training.

All this is done with the objective of helping the officials develop the right value system that will help them lead the inmates to a path of transformation and also help the officials in their own personal life. It also will help generate transformed inmates who will become valuable as a reason of the skills acquisition training and other training they are presently receiving.

The training so far is being welcomed with great delight and appreciation from the officials.

It’s also great to be able to reach the inmates directly, although we couldn’t get pictures of that because they are prohibited within the prison.

We were also able to make donations both in cash and materials to the prisons towards further development and continual training of facilitators to help keep this process running.

Also included are pictures Lt. Tim Reed, Bernie Torrence and Jim Corbett who have pioneered this transformative process in Nigeria. Their inputs are truly priceless.

The project is in phases and we trust God to continually be of great support to the transformation within this prison.

Thanks for your continual prayers and support. It is our great joy as servants to usher the transformation process already on going within the prison walls.


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