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Sapele Prison – Skills Acquistion


In the quest of building a support structure for the Sapele prison which GTGIM embarked on last year, some remarkable developments have been achieved.  Since the start of the project, there have been many capacity building activities within the Sapele prisons. We have had success with the Ethics First manual and the trainings have been going on very fine. It is so awesome to see the fruition of our efforts in developing the Sapele prisons staffs and inmates.

The inmates are grateful for our efforts and interested in helping them see a better image of themselves. It is so fulfilling also to see the rate at which they are becoming more productive by the day.

With our goal of helping the inmates with skill acquisition programmes to aid their reintegration process once they get back into society, we have equipped the laundry section with new materials and a financial gift for the purchase of soap and starch to help them run the laundry system effectively.

Picture: Pastor Adebayo handling over the materials to some prison officers.

We also had an opportunity to launch the liquid soap products produced by the inmates of the prison, which was part of their skill acquisition training.

Pastor Adebayo was given the privilege to launch the products (as seen in the picture).  There were also finished products such as leather works like shoes from other skill acquisition schemes.

We want to appreciate the DCP (Deputy Comptroller of Prison) and his second in command, the woman in charge of welfare and Mr. Alex who have been so co-operative in making our works easy. Their testimonies have been really encouraging.  Also a big thank you to team members, Mr. Obi and Goodnews for their presence to ensure the smooth running of this project.

Written by:  Charles Eromosele, GTGIM Ambassador


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