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Sept. 2016 Nigeria Trip – Day Two

Yesterday was a day of travel for the GTGIM team.  What was supposed to be a 4-hour drive took 7.5 hours from Lagos to Benin City!  Thanks to the selfless hearts of our donors though, GTGIM was able to purchase a reliable car during a previous mission trip, which has made a typically difficult road trip much more manageable.

Despite the rain and long trip, Friday was a beautiful day of fellowship with friends George and Beatrice at their church in Benin City.  Jim had the opportunity to speak to the congregation and share God’s word with them.  “Living in the 4th Quarter” has been a theme that God has impressed upon Jim.  Prior to the church visit, the GTGIM made their way to the Gideon’s headquarters to pick up 700 donated bibles to be shared along this trip.  Now, as our team visits the orphans, widows, prisoners and sojourners of Nigeria they will have the delightful opportunity to leave them with printed copies of God’s word!

Today (Saturday) the team will be at the Camp for the Needy (IDP Camp) for some special dedications of the LaRed Hygiene Centers, the new Science lab, the new vehicle and to award a scholarship to one of two of the older children.  Check back tomorrow for an update on that, and thank you so much for taking this journey with us!  GTG!

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