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Take the Trip With Us!

As mentioned last month, Jim Corbett will be returning to Nigeria tomorrow on behalf of GTGIM.  Please pray for safe travel, God glorifying opportunities, and sweet fellowship as he returns to be with many brothers and sisters in Christ who are half way ’round the world.  We would love for you to “take the trip with us”!  There will be regular blog updates and photos here on our site, so stay tuned.  Also, you can follow along by checking out the itinerary and the teaching schedule on our Resources page.



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Departing Thoughts Jim Corbett, Founder With Less than a week to departure, the GTGIM mission trip to Nigeria is set.  Though I’ve gone more than 25 times, there are always new challenges and open doo

Saturday was full of joy as Jim and the team headed to the village of Obanyator to join in their revival celebration!  Pastor John Bull, who is a pastor and plumber (he headed the building of the La R