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Unity Tour 2020

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Saints of Nigeria, to me you are Holy, Sanctified, Remnants of the All Mighty God. This is my decree over you as we rest in all God has done.  The journey started in the simplest of ways, a meal and a demonstration of Love through giving. It’s the Kingdom Way. Giving with no expectation of return defames the spirit of Mammon. Beginning a divine cycle of blessing that only ends if We stop giving!!

The team members meet Jim in Lagos for a time of fellowship.

The very first day in Lagos we had the privilege to share the Unity message at Pastor Emmanuel’s congregation. The message so moved this very mature fellowship that they asked for a prayer covering to solidify all they had heard. The Holy Spirit took over the house and hearts were opened to the charge for Unity as an incubator of our Soul.  Psalm 133, says the sweet harmony of Unity was so precious to the Lord, it was in that UNITY that the blessing of “Life forever more” was spoken over the Remnant.

The first session of the Unity Tour was held on October 29th in fulfillment of the prophetic utterance over the tour.

The beauty of youth in love with Jesus. Knowing what they know with wide eyes of expectation May we as Remnants NEVER let them down. The KINGDOM is real, children.  We of GTGIM, Int’l will never allow the world to steal your inheritance. We will fight for your right to a reality full of the real LOVE of Christ.

Lagos Unity Tour attendees were met by the Spirit of Love and Power during our time together. Everyone knew the wind of Heaven came amongst us.  Our Belief grew into Faith our faith grew into Trust. Our TRUST is already Liberating us all into ACTION. We are the Guardians of Hope always purposed for us to be. God has assigned this task to us, to be beacons of Light in an ever darkening world. The Remnant in ‘YOU” 👈🏾, is the Hope of Glory. Can we accept the CALL? 🙏

The faithful team of Port Harcourt are ever steady with Margarets’ leadership.

So, this young Warrior would not be denied. He wanted to know where I got that ‘SKIN’.  Then once shewed away he returned to ask, what about that ‘FUR”?  I know this for sure. God was all smiles in Heaven with this young Remnant!!

A Celebration of a 13th birthday of Pastor Kingsley’s son. A wonderful day indeed to witness a warrior closing in on His armor.

Port Harcourt celebration after the Unity Tour session was joyous indeed. Even the Big Oyibo was dancing for joy, 🙈

Max from Jos, joins Margaret and the Port Harcourt team as a welcome helping hand. The Kingdom is a welcoming place where validation is common and purpose is evident.

Yes, it does, wake up, Kick ????, then Repeat.   Thank you, Christie, I will always remember our time at your rehabilitation Centre. I know the Lord will cross our path again.

Goodbye celebration for our time together as the Body in Port Harcourt. I love my family in this beautiful seashore city.

The Graceful Heart Sisters of Benin City are growing strong and mighty. God will continue to work through these Saints to bring Light and Salt to Benin City. Their love for each other and Jesus drives them on!!

The socially distanced appreciation gathering at the Benin City IDP where over 2,500 children call home after losing their families through attacks and persecution from Boko Haram extremists.

This is the Village “Bush Allowance” a big thrill for all who labor in the Village and Camps in Benin City.

We love our Brothers and Sisters in the village of Obanyator and Socco Camp. I have been adopted as a Son there.

The children and some staff members of Kingdom Mandate Group of Schools. Those beautiful smiles keep us motivated.

The David family greet us warmly and we roundtable the Unity Tour message. The urgency of our season and our earnest desire to be the Remnant for Christs’ Army.

Our Unity tour faithful in Ogbor after an arousing triumph for the message of Unity. We really unpacked the Unity in the Cross concept here. “No crucifixion, No resurrection!!

Benin City was the Capstone of a hard-fought Victory for our Unity Tour.  Against all odds, we completed the work the Father had for us to do. And God blessed His people with a satisfaction that can only come when you are Crazy with Jesus, and walking with Him In Unity with His people, with the Cross, in Sanctification to the ultimate goal of being Guardians of Hope. Proclaiming life for evermore through UNITY!!

See the joy and peace in the faces of Gods Army. That’s right, this is what God’s ARMY looks like, YOU and ME!!  Everyday people transformed by the Blood of the Lamb. Are you interested, will you consider the call, and reach out your heart for God? It’s not as hard as it seems once we establish Unity.

Farewell, to Jim in Lagos ahead of the long flight and travel back to the loving wife and prayerful Army who kept us out of harms way once again. To all of you who invested your creativity through prayer. I am alive today because of you , God’s Archers with arrows lazed to Gods GPS system. When you pray, He listens and directs your arrows to filter the fields ahead of us. Thank you , saints.

Joy of the Lord is our strength. I know love like God had always planned. Grateful to be walking with my best friend and love , enjoying the sounds of “well done, my son and daughter, well done one and all”.

WOW, the BUSH allowance just keeps on coming. God is so good And so are all our family in Nigeria, thank you for your generosity.

Now, Saints may we walk from this moment forward in the love and protection of the Unity Incubator. Trusting in the Lord with all Our Hearts. Disconnecting our intellect enough to dial in to our God frequencies. Acknowledging His omnipotence in all our ways.  Saints, “HE WILL” direct our paths. These are urgent times for committed Remnants. May we unite in Christ and Christ alone, as we have laser focus on the goal. Proclaiming that Jesus Christ is the Greatest relief valve mankind has ever known. May we find him now dwelling in us. “Christ in YOU, the hope of Glory.”



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