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Remnant Rising testimony from Margaret Wiwuga, Reconnect To Life Ministries


I just started and read through Remnant swoop.


Glory to God!!!

Amazing details, breath taking and very revealing.


Such love between Sally and Thomas can only come from the Author of Love Himself.

True repentance always restores trust, hope and stability.

Sincerity is the bedrock of stability and I doff my hat for Thomas and Sally.


Lord Jesus imprint on our Spirit to know " Whose we are", and to daily hold precious these Four Pillars of Protection.

Thank You Lord for making "Remnant Rising" available to me.


My brother, you are so blessed.

God's Timing has happened to you, and it's only the beginning of His Endless Reward, for your Kingdom Advancement Endeavours."

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How did the experience of Remnant Rising impact you?


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