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A New Friend to GTGIM

A new friend to the GTGIM team, Professor Klein Ileleji of Purdue University (pictured above

[L-R] Margaret, Klein’s father, Pastor Solomon, Klein’s son, Omasan, Klein’s mother, Pastor Vasco and Klein himself), visited the Camp for the Needy yesterday along with his son and his parents.  Professor Klein met GTGIM founder Jim Corbett on an airplane a few months ago, and talk immediately turned to Nigeria.  Jim shared with Professor Klein (a native of Nigeria) the mission of GTGIM and our work at the Camp for the Needy.  Klein, who is a professor of agricultural and biological engineering, understood the need for a self-sustaining food supply (farming crops, raising chickens, etc.) at the camp and has partnered with GTGIM to pursue a solution.  At the time Professor Klein joined our efforts to glorify God through serving the children, he had already planned an unrelated trip to Nigeria, and was able to squeeze in a day trip to visit the camp!  In God’s amazing plan, He orchestrated the “chance” meeting of two men who have big hearts for Nigeria, and brought them together to fulfill His purposes in the lives of these orphans.  We at GTGIM are so excited to see how this plays out!  GTG!


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