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In Memory of Felix Ozor

GTGIM lost a dear friend and brother, Felix Ozor, on Thursday, November 3rd, to a stroke.  Felix and GTGIM founder, Jim Corbett, met a few years ago, when Jim looked up the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program in Nigeria, and found only 1 registered member – Felix.  The two bonded over the fight for sobriety in a fallen world, and Felix was incredibly passionate about sharing the gospel with others, so that they too might find freedom from addiction.  Right before Jim left for his most recent trip to Nigeria (in September) he felt God tell him to obtain three copies of the AA materials and bring them to Felix, though Felix had made no mention of a need for materials.  Once the two were reunited in Nigeria, Felix told Jim that the Lord had brought him three men who were interested in pursuing sobriety through AA!  God was clearly at work, using these brothers to impact others around the world.  What follows is a brief recap of Felix’s impact, as told by Jim:

We of Glory to God Int’l Ministries grieve deeply for the loss of Felix Ozor.  He was our friend and brother in this walk on earth. We all love and respect his memory.  His life of sobriety will go down as one of the GREATEST examples to many, that sobriety can be obtained in the most difficult of circumstances.  Felix was a blessing to me personally as another sober brother walking arm-in-arm on this road to happy destiny.  Felix lived a sober life in the face of every obstacle the devil could throw at a man. God knows his open heart and persevering spirit.  Our sorrow is deep for his wife, and we pray that the peace of God will comfort his family in this trying time.

We are on our knees praying God will pour out blessing on his entire family.  Glory be to God for the life of Felix Ozor.



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