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Sept. 2016 Nigeria Trip – Day Four

Sunday morning was a time of great celebration and reunion between Jim and the Okaka family at Solid Rock Church.  Pastor Francis, a dear friend of the Corbetts and pastor at Solid Rock Church, went to be with Jesus last June.  His wife, Joy (pictured above with Jim, and Francis’ brother), and their children have continued to welcome Jim and the entire GTGIM team back every time they’re there, and it’s always a time of sweet reminiscing and praising God.  Jim spoke a word to the church congregation, and then the team headed out to Port Harcourt to meet with Margaret and the rest of her Prison Ministry team.  Prison ministry is a tough one in Nigeria, as their prison systems focus more on punishment than rehabilitation.  The desire of GTGIM is to empower Margaret and her team in providing the La Red biblical principles to thousands of Nigerian prisoners, with hopes that setting an ethical, biblically-based foundation will keep these men from returning to prison once they are released.  Since introducing the La Red biblical principles to the Port Harcourt prison (last year), many of the prisoners who were since released have decided to stay back and help current prisoners in their reformation.  What a mighty work God is doing in those prisons!

In addition to the adult prison, our team also had the opportunity to visit a youth detention center where roughly 100 inmates are in custody for small crimes (such as shoplifting), but continually return shortly after they’re released because they have been left to wander the streets with no parental supervision or care.  The La Red team has created a student version of their 40 principles to be used by children called Anti-Virus, and this program has been introduced at the youth detention center.  There was great validation through the sharing of transformation stories and the hope given to these youths by teaching God’s character and values, giving them a way to change their thinking and choices by applying God’s principles of truth and honor in their lives.

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